Product SRI Brand - Fire Extinguishers - Order Now Call/Whatsapp/viber 9851131434

SRI Brand - Fire Extinguishers - Order Now Call/Whatsapp/viber 9851131434

Price: NRS 2260

Leading the Fight Against Fire A global expert in fire safety solutions. To protect lives by leading the fight against fire. Founded in 1974 by Dato’ Ong Yow Siang, Steel Recon Industries Sdn Bhd (SRI) is a proudly Malaysian company, which offers a comprehensive range of fire fighting products, equipment and technology solutions through a vast network of distributors in over 70 countries. SRI’s products are certified by international standard boards such as VdS, LPCB, BSI, UL and Sai Global, underlining our commitment to provide the most reliable firefighting solutions tailored for global needs. All SRI’s products are manufactured in our state of the art facilities which allows us to produce quality products at competitive prices and also allows us the flexibility to cater to specific needs. SRI products can be found in airports, petrochemical plants, manufacturing facilities, airplane hangars, stadiums and hotels worldwide. 1 KG SRI ABC NRS.2,260/- 2KG SRI ABC NRS.2,825/- 4KG SRI ABC NRS.4,520/- 6KG SRI ABC NRS.5,085/- 9KG SRI ABC NRS.5,876/- For best price & quotations: Call/Whatsapp/viber: 9851131434

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A fire hydrant is a pipe that allows water to flow from a water main with the control of a valve in order to put out a fire. Fire Hydrant Protection System is designed to fight fire of huge proportions, in all classes of risks. It is designed to be in operation even if a part of the affected structure collapses. We Install, test and commission - Fire Hydrant System for our clients.

We provide: # Fire Extinguishers Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly - Checking & Maintenance Service ensuring they are up-to-date. # Fire Hydrant Maintenance Service # Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Service # Fire Alarm Maintenance Service and many more.....

We provide Consulting Services through our reputed experts/engineers about Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm System, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Sprinklers System and provide Fire Extinguishers Training to our valued customers - both individual business to corporate level. Please call us at 9851131434 (viber/whatsapp) or write us at to schedule a training program.


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